Quinta do Ribeiro


Quinta do Ribeiro

Quinta do Ribeiro is a farm located in the parish of Sarzedo, Arganil. It belonged for centuries to the Family "Neves". In 1980 it was acquired by the family "Gonçalves," which took up residence there and resumed farming in 1981.

   Currently Quinta do Ribeiro combines the existence of two herds of goats, a flock of sheep, some olives, fruit and forest trees scattered the fifth, a garden where they produce mostly wild berries (blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, etc. .) and vegetables (especially pumpkins), with a traditional cheese factory that turns milk into fresh cheeses, cured and curd and fruits and vegetables in sweets, jams, jellies and marmalades.

   And it all began 30 years ago when after the acquisition of Quinta do Ribeiro current owners moved bringing two goats. After cultivated a garden and bought a sheep ... But before that, lost in time count of the generations of ancestors of "Gonçalves" that Sierra Açor had devoted to affairs of land, cattle and cheese ...



The canning of Quinta do Ribeiro was born in 1991 when Maria Celeste Sky Gonçalves formally began the business of crafting cheese and curd sheep.

Celeste Gonçalves learned as a child with her grandmother "Heaven" to make the cheese in the village of Mourísia. He began to make some cheese for home consumption in 1981. In the following years was producing more cheese, which began to be given or sold to family and friends. Then came the search for specific vocational training and self-employment and an employee.

The Bakery was modernized in 2005/06. It introduced numerous improvements, such as milk cooling tank; Cameras curing cheeses cold, milk pasteurizer; cabinet for larger cold storage Fresh Cheese and Curd; acquisition, isolation and placement of equipment in a cold car for distribution products, etc.

Currently, Celeste Gonçalves worked in canning with 4 employees. The Bakery is equipped, licensed and works in accordance with the rules of hygiene and food safety defined by law. Produces cheeses and sweets Farm Traditional, authentic and true to the old flavors of the region, helping to keep alive traditional activities and own landscape and local identity.




The cheeses "Selection Quinta Ribeiro" result from a choice of some of our finest lots of cheese Goat, Sheep and Goat and Sheep, both in terms of physical characteristics, such as flavor. Each production of traditional cheeses from Thursday, as happens in the wine farm, tends to assume unique characteristics. Although produced by a similar process, always made ​​with great care and dedication, the truth is that since small variations in the plants that make up the different herds of grazing animals that originate from the farm milk, to the environmental constraints such as humidity and temperature, several factors influence and make it unique set of cheese produced each day. These exceptional cheeses "Selection Quinta Ribeiro" are only sold directly in Meats, on this website or in spaces of gourmet products. Present in cheeses from 300 grams up to 2 kg. Conserved in oil

Some of the "aged cheeses," Long maturation goat, sheep and goat, and sheep, as well dried, are cut into pieces and placed in glass vials with oil, so as to be retained by this process traditional conservation of cheeses and sausages, which we inherited from our ancestors.

The conservation into oil vai slowly becoming softer cheeses stiff, allowing for different occasions some pieces are removed from the bottle, drained the oil and valued for their intense flavor and unique. Produce this product in bottles of various sizes from 250 ml.